Net Control Instructions

If you are scheduled to handle one of the ACS net control sessions please read over these documentation instructions.

1.  If you have forgotten which day you are acting net control, you may always check the calendar at the ACS website.  If you need someone to handle your scheduled night for any reason, just let me know.

2. We would like to start keeping electronic records of net participation.  To that end, you may download an Excel file at at the “Documents” tab. The file is named “Net Roster Excel Format.”

If you don’t have Microsoft’s Excel software, you can save the file, and open it using the OpenOffice software (available for free at

3.  You may enter check-ins directly onto the spreadsheet or transfer your handwritten notes to the spreadsheet if you prefer.   Once completed, if you would then please convert the file to an Adobe PDF saving it using the naming convention of YYMMDD North Net (or South Net).  For example the south net on March 27, 2012 would be named 120327 North Net.pdf or 120327 South Net.pdf.   If you cannot convert the file, you can send the spreadsheet file to Doug Holbrook and he will happily convert it for the records.

In any event, once you have created the file, please send it to Doug, who will be archiving for the Lincoln County EOC records.

If you have any difficulties, questions, or need assistance with any of this, please let Doug know, and thank you in advance for your help and continued volunteer efforts.

Doug Holbrook
541-270-3287 cell