Cascadia Rising Planning Meetings

A message from Daron N7HQR:

I’d like to have a Tuesday night planning meeting at 6pm every Tuesday (except for regular meeting nights) between now and through Cascadia Rising.  I’m hoping this weekly update will help get folks prepared for the exercise, dial in our staffing and planning, and give us time to work through the forms to be transmitted.  I know… yet another meeting, but I don’t know how else to share ideas and practice without something structured like this.

I’ll do my best to send out a reminder 24 hours before and maybe 8 hours before each week so it is fresh in everyone’s mind.  The 8 hours before reminder should have some agenda type information so you know what we’ll be discussing and working on.

Yes… It is a different meeting number than the regular meetings, I’ll send it out with every single email reminder to it should be easy to open the email reminder and select the link.

Tuesday May 3 – 6pm-7pm – Cascadia Rising Planning – still refining scheduling, assignments.  Working towards one location to go to retrieve all the documents when we get closer so you can download the stuff you need prior to the event. (and we’ll take some feedback and ideas on the previous weekend’s events, what worked and what didn’t, how we could make it work better, etc.)

Meeting ID: 893 5138 7703

Passcode: 383741

Phone in: +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)